300 cm  300 cm  300 cm  | wood  | LED-Stripes | lacquer

Negative Anti Sol destroys perception, overloads the senses. It‘s a space pod that pierces its structure into the interior of the observer‘s eyes, strikes lightning onto the retina und burns itself in as an afterimage. The stroboscopic phantom images freeze fractional moments in time, blur what was clear and eventually make it disappear in a perceptional vortex.


Negative Anti Sol contains a dual transformation, a repeated negation. The installation cites Moritz Stumm‘s own work Anti Sol (2011), which itself refers to the Cube sculptures by Sol LeWitt. The process of inversion – negating the „Anti“ version of LeWitt‘s sculpture – creates a cube that‘s secluded from its exterior surroundings with a walk-in accessible interior. Once inside, you enter an alien reality, in which the laws of time and space are broken. Where light escapes to the outside through the grid-like structure of the sculpture Anti Sol, the same structure permits light to enter the interior of Negative Anti Sol. Where Anti Sol extends its form into its surroundings, Negative Anti Sol projects its pattern into the interior of the observers mind.


The dimensions of space in relation to the human form are a crucial element of this work as well. The somewhat confined dimensions of the interior induce a direct enclosure by the structural grid; it even seems to physically engulf the bodies of visitors inside this alien space capsule. As well as referring to the sculptures of Sol LeWitt and Stumm‘s own work, Negative Anti Sol also cites impressions from popular culture and science fiction. Among other things, it suggests the Holodeck from Star Trek, images from Tron, and various techno music album covers from the early 90s era.