AV performance, 20 min


with Elisa Jule Braun and Ace Mahbaz


HOMA is an audiovisual performance, in which sound, visuals and sign language come together and complement each other, but can never be completely deciphered. The performance consists of three parts: visuals, sound and a narrative technique,which is a mix of sign language, meme and physical theatre. Ace has biosensors attached to his arms, which measure his muscle contraction and which enable him to create and manipulate sound and visual effects.


Sign language and its related culture are threatened with extinction. Even though it was not until the second half of the twentieth century that a genuine recognition and development as an independent culture has developed. Due to the progress of medical technology, there will be less and less deaf people, and with them sign language and the related culture will disappear. This phenomenon affects not only the Deaf community, but also the diversity of the human being in general. This raises moral and philosophical questions about human development through the influence of technology.