Moritz Stumm



(* 1981 in Marburg, DE, lives and works in Berlin)

Moritz Stumm is a German artist and label operator. His artistic activities range from video works, installations, objects, ink drawings to audio-visual performances, the latter also in long-term collaboration with artists such as Martin Eder, Nik Nowak and the music producer Henk Heuer.


Power and violence as well as their iconographies and rituals are often subjects of his oeuvre. In his work he combines found footage, staged material and digital animation and interweaves them into narratives with a striking aesthetic.


Together with Cyrill Lachauer he founded the label „Flippig the Coin Records“ in 2011 and since then has been its co-operator publishing musical-auditory work of visual artists. He also works as a musician and music video director.


From 2005 to 2011 Moritz Stumm studied Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin in the class of prof. Lothar Baumgarten and Michaela Meise. In 2011, Moritz Stumm completed his studies with the title „Meisterschüler“. His work has already been shown nationally and internationally among others in Museum Marta Herford, CTM Berlin, Sophiensaele, Volksbühne, the kitchen (New York), Muszeul National de Arta al Romaniel (Bucharest), Art Basel Miami, HMKV (Dortmund).






selected solo exhibitions

2022 HOTO „Heidegger‘s Valley oder Techne & die 3 Narren“, Berlin
2021 Delphi Space „Heidegger‘s Valley oder Techne & die 3 Narren“, Freiburg
2017 Atelierhof Kreuzberg „The irresistable Appeal of Car Crashes“, Berlin
2016 Marburger Kunstverein „MOSH“, Marburg
2014 LSD gallery „Alleys of your Mind“, Berlin
2013 LSD gallery „Various Artist – Rapies vol.1 – Solo Show“, Berlin
2011 WhiteTrash Contemporary „New Kids on the Block“, Hamburg
2010 Infernoesque „Dynamic Pris/m/on Disco“, Berlin
2009 Galerie trisstesse „Dynamic Pris/m“, Berlin

selected group shows/ performances

2023 Institute for Contemporary Art – Sofia, „Unexpected Care“, Sofia
2023 Projektraum Bethanien, „Sind Sie noch zu retten?“, Berlin
2023 transmediale 2023, „Flipping The Coin @ transmediale“, Berlin
2023 Alexander Levy gallery, „Flipping The Coin @ Alexander Levy“,  Berlin
2022 Leipziger Straße, „Haus N & Flipping The Coin“, Berlin
2021 Kassler Dokfest, „Monitoring“, Kassel
2021 Haus der Kunst / Sammlung Goetz, „True Love Will Find You in The End (The Bird Sermon)“, Munich
2021 Gasteig, Philharmonie, „YESTERN:NOW“, Munich
2020 HMKV, „video of the month“, Dortmund
2020 KINDL, „How beautiful you are!“, Berlin
2019 Schwere Reiter, „AUTOPLAY“, Munich
2019 Arebyte, „Home Invasion“, London
2019 CTM, Berlin
2018 VOODOO PROJECTSPACE, „Broken Image“,  Berlin
2018 Schwere Reiter, „UNSTERN“, Munich
2018 XXY, „C wie Farbe“, Berlin
2018 Very projectspace, „Flipping The Coin @ Very“, Berlin
2018 Galerie Pankow, „Klang Farbe 08“, Berlin
2018 Schönheitssalon Babette, „Trigger“, Berlin
2018 Germanisches Nationalmuseum, „Blaue Nacht“, Nürnberg
2018 Galerie der Stadt Backnang, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Backnang
2018 Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Bregenz
2018 Topicuv Salon Praha, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Prag
2017 Muszeul National de Arta al Romaniel, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Bukarest
2017 Stadtgalerie Kiel, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Kiel
2017 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, „Neue Schwarze Romantik“, Berlin
2017 Kantine am Berghain, „Flipping the Coin – Performances“, Berlin
2016 Centrum Judaicum „SEIN.ANTLITZ.KÖRPER.“, Berlin
2015 gallery Alexander Levy „Group IV“, Berlin
2015 Schönheitssalon Babette „Schockglatze“, Berlin
2014 gallery Alexander Levy „Flipping the Coin“, Berlin
2014 museum MARTa Herford „Booster“, Herford
2014 BaumgartenBrandt, „Pitch 2,“ , Berlin
2013 LSD gallery „JUBILEE – curated by Alice D.“ Berlin
2013 gallery Christoffer Egelund „The Big Anual Group Show“, Kopenhagen
2012 Kunstverein Aschersleben „Herberge Wüste Heimat“, Aschersleben
2012 Berghain „CTM“ (Berlin)
2012 Rathaus Lichtenberg „Linie, Fläche, Zeit, Berlin
2011 Supermarkt „Nomadics“, Berlin
2011 Tape Modern „Curator‘s Choice“, Berlin
2010 Fichtebunker „Now open for Off-Season“, Berlin
2010 Espace Belleville „Re-Generation“, Paris
2010 Infernoesque „Das Geschehen 3“, Berlin
2009 Linienstraße „Six Days New Media“, Berlin
2009 Apartment „Das Geschehen“, Berlin
2009 Tape Modern „Black“, Berlin
2008 Biennial Tehran, Istanbul
2008 Art Athina, Athen
2006 trisstesse „Herzschmerz“, Berlin
2006 GEWOBAU-Gallerie „Malerei und Video“, Marburg
2005 white trash contemporary „VIDEO NOW!“, Hamburg
2004 trisstesse „punch me in, punch me out“, Berlin